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    What Security System Are You Looking For?

    Whether it’s protecting your family and possessions or it's protecting your business premises we can help you find the security system that best fits your needs and requirements. Here are answers to some of the questions we come across.

    Yes- simplicity is always best. We will design the system around you and fully train you on how to use it, but remember we are only a phone call away if you need and advice.
    Systems are specifically designed for your needs. Get in touch for a personalised survey and quotation.
    Through the APPs both the intruder and CCTV systems can provide instant alerts when selected areas are triggered.
    This all depends on the size and make up of the system but a typical domestic CCTV or Intruder alarm could be install in just one day
    No, we strive to install kit and cables as discreetly as possible, this is where the our professional knowhow comes into play. We plan cable runs to maximise usage and minimise visibility. We use containment where necessary but install discretely
    Yes- if your premises requires more than app bases notifications (often required by insurance companies) we can install duel-com units that link to a 24hr manned monitoring centre .
    Yes- These are linked devices that can be controlled by the intruder alarm app.
    No- all of our systems including intruder alarm or CCTV use digital signalling rather than traditional analogue phone connections. We can connect wirelessly to your WIFI, hard wire to your LAN or even use a 4G network and sim card when there is no on-site internet connection.
    We stand by our work. We operate a 24hr callout service for emergency calls
    We offer an annual service where we can maintain your system and get ahead of any problems. This includes an annual visit, replacement main batteries and any time/labour involved in investigations or replacement of equipment.