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Comprehensive security systems including intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, and 24/7 monitoring.
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Your peace of mind is our top priority
Smart Security Systems For The Modern Home
We provide security requirements of residential, commercial and other clients, with the largest assortment of security cameras and alarm systems installation.
North Shore Security
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Your Local, Trusted CCTV Installer in Swansea

North Shore Security provide security installation and maintenance services including access control, intruder alarms, CCTV systems and remote access.

Our security services extend throughout Swansea (including Morriston, Gowerton, Gorseinon, Mumbles and Penderry) for home owners, landlords and commercial properties.

Our home office is located in Danygraig, Penclawdd, 7.4 miles from J47 of the M4 motorway Swansea.

Intruder Alarm, CCTV, and Home Security Installation Across Gower, Swansea, and South Wales.

Your peace of mind is our top priority
With over 15 years of experience installing and maintaining home security systems, burglar alarms, and CCTV systems, we are your local security experts. Operating throughout the Gower Peninsula and South Wales, our fully trained and reliable burglar alarm installers and engineers offer a high standard of customer service.

Services we provide:
Smart Home Security
Doorbell Video Cameras
Professional Installation
Burglary Sensor Detection
In Home Consultation
24/7 Alarm Monitoring
Image of Intruder alarm by North Shore Security Swansea-CCTV security cameras and burglars alarms specialist

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For the Security and IT directors ensuring our places of work and leisure are safe. For the Chief Technology Officers shaping the smart businesses of tomorrow. We delivers powerful and insightful security solutions that enable protectors to drive forward.

We understand that in a complex world, it is not enough to solve the challenges of today, we need to be ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our team is ready to help with any information you need. We often get asked the same questions. To speed up the process we have put together the answers to some of them.

    Systems are specifically designed to your needs, we aim to get the best coverage at the best value.
    On site recoding with HDD as standard but images and video can be downloaded directly to your phone via the easy to use app.
    There are linked devices such as plugs that can be controlled by the intruder and more products are in development.
    No- all of our systems including intruder alarm or CCTV use digital signalling rather than traditional analogue phone connections. We can connect wirelessly to your WIFI, hard wire to your LAN or even use a 4G network and sim card when there is no on-site internet connection.
    We stand by our work. We operate a 24hr call-out service for emergency calls
    We offer an annual service where we can maintain your system and get ahead of any problems. This includes an annual visit, replacement main batteries and any time/labour involved in investigations or replacement of equipment.
    This will depend on the type of CCTV system you have. Some systems require an internet connection to function, while others do not. A professional CCTV installer can advise on the best system for your needs.
    The three most common types of security alarms are wired alarms, wireless alarms, and hybrid alarms. Wired alarms are hardwired and robust, wireless alarms are flexible and easy to manage, and hybrid alarms combine the benefits of both wired and wireless systems.

    About Swansea

    **Keep Your Swansea Home Safe with North Shore Security**

    Hey there! Have you ever thought about how to keep your home safe? Well, that’s where North Shore Security comes in! We’re here to make sure your home in Swansea stays super secure. Let’s dive into why you should choose us to protect your place:

    **1. Less Bad Stuff Happening:**
    You’ll be happy to know that there are fewer burglaries happening in Swansea these days. In fact, the number of bad stuff happening has gone down by 15.6% over the past year. So, with our help, you can feel even safer in your own home. We’ve got all sorts of cool gadgets like cameras, alarms, and special locks to keep those baddies away!

    **2. Lots of Friendly Faces:**
    Swansea is a bustling place with lots of friendly people living here. But don’t worry, it’s not too crowded! There are about 749,000 people calling Swansea home, and the average age is around 42. That means there are plenty of nice neighbours around to be friends with and look out for each other.

    **3. Big Homes, Lots of Space:**
    Ever wonder how big homes are in Swansea? Well, they’re pretty spacious! On average, they’ve got about 4.6 rooms, including cool stuff like kitchens and bedrooms. That means there’s plenty of space for you to play, relax, and have fun with your family and friends.

    **Why Pick North Shore Security?**
    We’re not just any old security company – we’re like your super cool friends who make sure you’re safe. Whether you need cameras to watch over your home, alarms to scare away baddies, or special locks to keep your doors shut tight, we’ve got your back!

    So, if you want to make sure your Swansea home is as safe as can be, give us a shout! We’re here to help you out and keep your home nice and secure. Remember, safety comes first!

    Popular things to do in Swansea:

    **Exciting Things to Do in Swansea**

    Hey there! If you’re planning a visit to Swansea, get ready for loads of fun! Here are some awesome things you can see and do in this cool city:

    **1. Explore Swansea Bay and Mumbles:**

    You can’t visit Swansea without checking out the beautiful waterfront of Swansea Bay. Take a stroll along the promenade, head towards Mumbles, and maybe treat yourself to some delicious Welsh-Italian ice cream – it’s famous!

    **2. Discover History and Culture:**

    – **National Waterfront Museum:** This place is like stepping back in time! Learn all about Wales’ industrial and maritime history, from way back in the 1800s. There are loads of cool interactive exhibits, like learning about steam trains and other inventions.

    – **Swansea Museum:** This is the oldest museum in Wales! It’s packed with interesting stuff about Swansea’s past, from prehistoric times to the industrial revolution. You can even find out about the Mumbles Railway, which started way back in 1807!

    – **The Egypt Centre:** Fancy a trip to ancient Egypt? Well, you’re in luck! This museum at Swansea University has the biggest collection of Egyptian stuff in Wales. They’ve got workshops and events too, especially during school holidays. You can even dress up like an Egyptian and solve puzzles!

    – **The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery:** If you love art, you’ll love this gallery! It’s full of amazing artworks from all sorts of artists. And it’s been around for over a hundred years!

    – **The Dylan Thomas Centre:** Ever heard of Dylan Thomas? He was a famous writer who grew up in Swansea. At this centre, you can learn all about his life and work. They even do tours to show you more about him.

    **3. Visit Cool Places:**

    – **Swansea Market:** This market has been around since 1897! You can find all sorts of tasty treats here, like cockles and laverbread. And it’s got over 100 stalls, so there’s loads to explore!

    – **Clyne Gardens:** If you like gardens, you’ll love Clyne Gardens! They’ve got all kinds of plants, from rhododendrons to American Skunk Cabbage. Plus, there’s a cool Japanese garden with a colourful bridge.

    – **The Stadium:** This huge stadium is where Swansea City FC and The Ospreys rugby team play! It’s super impressive, with 20,000 seats.

    – **LC Waterpark:** Looking for some water fun? Head to LC Waterpark! You can zoom down slides, practice surfing, and have a blast with your friends and family.

    So, there you have it – tons of fun things to do in Swansea! Whether you’re into history, art, or just having a good time, Swansea has something for everyone.

    Swansea University

    Directions from North Shore Security – CCTV & Intruder Alarms, Danygraig, Swansea SA4 3FJ to Swansea University, Singleton Park, Sketty, Swansea SA2 8PP:

    1. Start at North Shore Security – CCTV & Intruder Alarms, Danygraig, Swansea SA4 3FJ.
    2. Head northeast on Blue Anchor Rd.
    3. After 1.7 miles, continue onto Three Crosses.
    4. Take a right onto Dunvant Rd.
    5. After 0.5 miles, turn left onto Killan Rd.
    6. Continue straight onto B4296.
    7. After 1.1 miles, turn left onto Gower Rd/A4118.
    8. Follow Gower Rd/A4118 for about 2 miles.
    9. Turn right onto Sketty Park Rd.
    10. Drive for about 0.4 miles.
    11. Turn left.
    12. After 79 feet, you will reach Swansea University, Singleton Park, Sketty, Swansea SA2 8PP. Stadium

    Directions from North Shore Security – CCTV & Intruder Alarms, Danygraig, Swansea SA4 3FJ to Stadium, Plasmarl, Swansea SA1 2FA:

    1. Start at North Shore Security – CCTV & Intruder Alarms, Danygraig, Swansea SA4 3FJ.
    2. Head southeast on Victoria Rd toward Beach Rd/B4295.
    3. Turn right onto Beach Rd/B4295.
    4. Follow B4295.
    5. Continue onto A484.
    6. Turn right onto Pentregethin Rd.
    7. Turn left onto St John’s Rd.
    8. Continue straight onto Cwm Level Rd.
    9. Turn right onto A4067.
    10. After 0.5 miles, continue straight onto Brunel Way.
    11. Continue onto your destination, Stadium, Plasmarl, Swansea SA1 2FA, which will be on your right after 351 feet.

    Swansea Waterfront Museum

    Directions from North Shore Security – CCTV & Intruder Alarms, Danygraig, Swansea SA4 3FJ to Swansea Waterfront Winterland, Museum Park, Oystermouth Rd, Maritime Quarter, Swansea SA1 3ST:

    1. Start at North Shore Security – CCTV & Intruder Alarms, Danygraig, Swansea SA4 3FJ.
    2. Head southeast on Victoria Rd toward Beach Rd/B4295.
    3. Turn right onto Beach Rd/B4295.
    4. Continue on B4295.
    5. Continue straight to stay on B4295.
    6. Continue onto Carmarthen Rd/A483.
    7. Continue to follow A483.
    8. Continue straight onto A4067.
    9. Follow A4067 to your destination in Swansea.
    10. After approximately 9.4 miles, you will arrive at Swansea Waterfront Winterland, Museum Park, Oystermouth Rd, Maritime Quarter, Swansea SA1 3ST.